You could make big savings on insurance by using price comparison websites, so it’s worth putting in a bit of time to get the best out of them. Remember they’re just showing you prices, not choosing the best product – you don’t have to pick the top result.

The golden rules for using comparison sites

Always check more than one site

Shopping around

It’s now easier to find the best deal by sharing your banking information.

Different insurance companies appear on different comparison sites.

No one website can get you quotes from every single insurance company, and some big insurers, such as Direct Line, don’t appear on comparison sites at all.

Cheapest isn’t always best

Be wise to the fact that comparison sites will try to hook you in by showing you lots of low prices.

Remember that the cheapest insurance policies might not be such great value.

They might have a high excess or not the right cover for what you want.

If you do select a product from a price comparison website you’ll normally click through to an insurance provider’s website to complete the purchase.

At this point certain insurance providers will look to sell you additional products (add-ons).

Before you purchase additional products you should consider whether you need them and the price (as there will be alternatives).